Backwashing a Sand Filter

Backwashing sand filter

sand filter1All sand filters utilize the exact same standard mechanics: when set-to Filter, water flows from the share, through filter, and back to the pool. The sand in the filter system blocks debris, dirt, and oil. A typical sand filter multiport system has actually 6 various settings – Filter, Backwash, Rinse, Circulate, Closed, and Waste.

However, when you vacuum your pool a concentrated degree of dirt and debris get deposited in to the sand – the end result being that sand becomes dirty and blocked with contaminants that, if remaining unchecked, will reduce the sand’s capability to filter and, eventually, simply find yourself in your pool.

Backwashing prevents this. The backwash reverses the circulation of water, lifts up-and flushes the sand, after which expels the dirty liquid via a waste range into the floor or strain.

To make sure against residual blowback in to the share, once you’ve done backwashing its extremely advisable to wash the filter. Just like the backwash lifts and flushes the sand, the rinse reseats the sand with its original place for maximum purification.

How exactly to Backwash a Pool Sand Filter

  1. Turn fully off the share pump.
  2. Set the filter valve handle towards the BACKWASH place and make certain the handle hair in position.
  3. Turn on the pump and backwash for just two moments or before the water when you look at the sight cup (on the filter) is running obvious.
  4. Turn Off the Pump.
  5. Set the filter device handle toward RINSE place and make certain the handle hair positioned.
  6. Turn on the pump and operate the rinse process for 1 moment or until the water inside picture glass is clear.
  7. Close the skimmer valves to stop water from entering the filter from the pool. Empty the filter skimmer container and cleanse hair catcher.
  8. Re-seat and secure the skimmer basket and locks catcher.
  9. Reopen the skimmer valves.
  10. Reset the Filter Valve to Filter and make certain the handle locks into destination.
  11. Start the Pump.

How many times to Backwash a Pool Sand Filter

In addition, in case the pool is particularly vulnerable to leaves, more regular backwashing may be needed since leaves, other debris from trees, and pollutants from wild birds etc. should be entering your share.

But, it is possible to tell when it is time for a backwash by examining the sand filter system’s pressure measure. Normal working pressures tend to be between 50 and 75Kpa (kilopascal). When the sand gets dirty and blocked up, but the stress reading increases. If Kpa stress on the gauge is showing north of 80Kpa, it is time for you backwash.

If not to Backwash

In the event your pool includes an unusually advanced level of dust (including, due to a nearby building site, a protracted amount of being untended and uncovered, or possibly from runoff brought on by floods) it may possibly be better to by-pass the filter totally.

That is in addition the way it is in case your liquid had, or has already established, an algae issue. Live algae easily move across the filter sand and re-enter the pool. Plus the same applies to dead algae following a shock therapy.

In such cases, in the place of vacuuming and backwashing, it could be more straightforward to vacuum straight to WASTE, and to deliver the vacuumed liquid right down into the strain.

Some Important Backwashing Tips

  • The main one drawback of sand filter backwashing is the fact that, because water is expelled from system and delivered into waste, is it…well…wastes water. Although this is inevitable, the key to perhaps not overdoing the backwash procedure and flushing out more water than strictly needed is keep a careful eye on colour and quality of the water when you look at the sight cup.
  • Don’t backwash over needed, or even for longer than necessary. Sand filtration systems function most effectively through the middle of filtration cycle. This can be partially as a result of the placement, at any given time, of the sand inside filter, and partly because of the cyclical build-up of collected soil and debris within the filter. The internet effect is that excessively or even to frequent backwashing really decreases the sand filter’s efficiency.
  • Because backwashing inevitably washes out a few of the sand combined with the dust and dirt, occasionally it should be essential to top up the number of sand within the filter. Once you do add additional sand, operate the filer system on RINSE for a moment or so to cut back the quantity of sand blowback in to the share.
How to backwash sand filter part 3/3
How to backwash sand filter part 3/3
How to Backwash Sand Filter
How to Backwash Sand Filter
Sand Filter being backwashed
Sand Filter being backwashed
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