22APR 2022

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Maintenance of swimming pools

The pool, regardless of its size, location and patency, needs regular maintenance. The most difficult to maintain is a stationary swimming pool.

For such questions, you need to contact special services, because it is quite expensive to maintain the pool yourself. Coming to the office of such a company, you can get acquainted with the following list of services at the sign stands:

  • cleaning the water surface and bottom from debris;
  • cleaning the bottom sediment;
  • flushing/replacing filters;
  • update of disinfectants;
  • monitoring of water quality;
  • checking the operability of all technical systems with troubleshooting.

It is important to remember that the maintenance of the pool should take place with a certain frequency, which the professionals in the company will tell you about.

28JAN 2022

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Kinetic garden art

Do you have one of those kinetic garden art pieces that spin in the wind? If you don't, you might be wondering what they are and what they do.  Wind spinners, also known as kinetic art, are sculptures that use movement to create a visual effect. They usually consist of a metal frame with hanging elements that move in the wind. Some common designs include whirligigs, pinwheels, and mobiles. They come in all shapes and sizes, so there is sure to be one that's perfect for your outdoor space.

More wind – more fun!

When deciding where to place your wind spinner, there are a few things you should consider. The direction of the wind and the size of the spinner both play a role in how well it will spin. The best place to put a wind spinner is somewhere where the wind can hit it from all sides. This way, it will spin faster and keep going for longer.

15DEC 2021

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What do you need to build a pool?

Who among us has not dreamed of our own pool? Probably there are very few such people. However, for this construction, it is necessary to prepare accordingly and carry out earthworks.

Earthworks are the backbone of any construction. To prepare a site for the construction of a building or structure, you need to make a foundation pit, a trench, and other work with soil. To accomplish such tasks, it is better to use special equipment.If the volume is insignificant, manual labor can also be dispensed with.

The construction of any structures or buildings implies that it will be necessary to carry out earthworks. These works include the development of soils, their movement, laying and compaction.It is in the complex that all these works are called earthworks.

In the modern world, almost all work on the ground is carried out by mechanized complexes, and manual excavation is possible only if it is carried out in places that are inaccessible to machines.

For the quality provision of such services, you can turn to  Servicio de Excavación.

14DEC 2021

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Drink more water to be healthy

You should drink more bottled, purified water because it's better for you.The first reason is that if your body isn't getting enough water in a day, then your skin can't hold in moisture, so it becomes dry and flaky, which could lead to breakouts. Another thing is that drinking plenty of water helps maintain healthy levels of electrolytes, which are important for proper muscle function, good digestion and even good circulation. Lastly, when people don't drink enough water, they may feel sluggish or experience headaches due to the lack of hydration in their bodies.

Get purified water in any time

Did you know that you can have  Reparto de Agua Purificada a Domicilio right to your door? It's a great way to make sure you always have access to clean water, especially if you don't have a lot of space for storing water bottles. Plus, it's a lot more affordable than buying bottled water outright.

21JUN 2021

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How to make your pool sparkle?

If people decide to build a pool, they usually take a very responsible approach to this process, starting with the choice of material, ending with the choice of the form and filtration system. And if you want to make your pool unique, then bulk glitter will help you with it.

Let's start with the fact that glitter is a multi-colored decorative, finely chopped and crumbly sequon. Glitter sparkles, does not stick together, mixes easily with any base, does not change the texture of the original material. In addition, it is resistant to moisture, so it can be added to wet mixtures. It is also important that the glitter is UV resistant. The material is most often used for decoration - for example, for a variety of crafts, sculptures, surface decoration.And if you want to add shine to your pool, then we recommend choosing tiles with these particles. In this way, your pool will not look like the others, and it will also shine very beautifully on the sun.

23MAR 2021

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If you want to get your own pool

Many homeowners are thinking about equipping the pool in the courtyard. This is a really great idea, it is an opportunity to relax with comfort in hot weather, it is a pacifying splash of water and romantic evenings. It would seem that installing the pool is easy: you just need to dig the pit, install the container, and pour water there. But everything is not so simple.

Experienced contractors know that there must be a lot of factors in the construction of the pool: the slope of the surface, the composition of the soil, the characteristics of the climate. Experts will help you choose the most suitable material, they will provide water supply of the pool and evacuation of water without problems, they will explain the rules for the care of the pool.Moreover, if you want to install additional devices, for example, for water massage, you cannot do without the best professional. Contact www.swimmingpoolcontractorsoahu.com to learn more.

26NOV 2020

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Dream: a house with a pool - what you need to do first

Have you always dreamed of having a large pool on your site next to your luxury house? This is a great dream, all the more realizable. However, if the pool is not so difficult to organize, there will be much more problems with the house.

First, you need to hire a good general contractor. The very definition of "general contractor" means that if a general participant in the process is involved in the project, then there are also other participants hired by him - contractors who are called subcontractors in industrial sectors and in construction.

It means that along with a significant part of the main functions of the contractor, general contractor must also coordinate his work with subcontractors and be responsible for them to the customer of the work, and for the actions of the customer to the subcontractor. Therefore, do not underestimate this important fact.

18NOV 2020

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Fluffy Pool Lovers

Many pets love to swim in the pool very much. Of course, cats do not like water as much as other domestic fauna, for example, dogs. Nevertheless, there are some cats that can easily dive into a cool tank. Unfortunately, sometimes their fur clogs the filter and pool maintenance becomes more difficult. In this case, cat grooming comes to the rescue.

Animal grooming is carried out with a special set of tools that are used depending on the type of procedure. Even the table on which the processing will be carried out plays an important role. If cats are not grooming, especially long-haired breeds, then problems such as swallowing tangles are possible. The animal will try to save itself from the inconvenience, which will entail the problem of gnawing out a section of wool along with damage to the skin. Grooming is important during molting for all breeds except hairless ones.

03JAN 2020

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Import and cargo transportation

Imports and exports may be terms that have little impact on everyday life, but have a profound impact on the consumer and the economy. In today's interdependent global economy, consumers are used to seeing products from all over the world in their shopping centers and stores, whether it's food or even goods for pools.

Lot of goods imported from France to Hungary every day, that’s why it’s important to find the best international road transportation price, if you really want to find the best use this: kedvező nemzetközi fuvarozás árak francia import árukra.

Imagine: 150 years ago, the world did not know what cargo transportation was. Cargo transportation (air, sea, land) is an integral part of international business. Now the term "cargo delivery" will not surprise anyone. The most important thing is to find a qualified transporter and rely on the experience of professionals.

14JUL 2017

The Importance of Pool Maintenance

In the summer period, swimming pool becomes the best respite from the heat. Nevertheless, before enjoying pure refreshing waters of your pool, you have to perform all the maintenance drudgery that prolongs its crystal-blue perfection.

Your swimming pool requires as much attention as your car. So if there is a need to replace of fix something, it is important to give your pool the same attention. You can handle all the work by yourself but, as a rule, it is always better to hire professionals who know how to do this job perfectly well and have a lot of working experience.

Nevertheless, there are many people who prefer to perform DIY cleanings. Pool maintenance process is quite similar to memory foam mattress that memorizes the shapes of your body to provide you with extra comfort. It means that if you learn how to maintain your pool and will perform all the maintenance drudgery on weekly basis, you will be able to enjoy all the advantages your swimming pool can offer you.

Also, it is important to note that weekly pool maintenance will save your money. You have to agree that it is always better to take care of your pool equipment such as cleaners, pumps, heaters and some other elements you use, instead of buying new ones.

The thing you have to remember is that it does not matter if you clean your pool by yourself or hire professionals: pool maintenance is obligatory for all those who do not want to face such problems as green water or cloudy water.

Green pools are caused by the bloom of algae. Without regular maintenance, waters in your swimming pool turn green and the color becomes deeper depending on how thick the algae growth has become.

Cloudy pools are mainly caused by chemical imbalance. Nevertheless, sometimes the reason for cloudy waters is mechanical or/and environmental components that can contribute to murky pool water.

These two factors can make you swimming pool absolutely unattractive and unsuitable for swimming.

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