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How to backwash sand filter?

The SuperSand™ Continuous Backwash Filter is an up-flow, moving bed filter that's designed with various media depths for different programs and designs.

How it Works:

Raw water enters near the base regarding the container by means of a metal water supplier. Suspended solids tend to be blocked on because the natural water flows up through news sleep. As filtrate achieves the top of the filter, it passes on the effluent weir and is released. A percentage of the filtrate is redirected through sand washer and useful for cleaning and transferring the waste solids.

The SuperSand™ filter uses a backwash rinse that's performed constantly while the tank is processing water. an air raise pump, positioned in the center associated with the component, attracts the media from the bottom for the filter up into the clean package. As the media is released to the wash field, it drops to the sand scrubber where filtered solids tend to be separated from the sand. After that, the filtrate holds the solids out as waste (backwash). The washed sand drops down onto the news bed for continued usage.


  • Immediately backwashes while filtering for constant procedure.
  • High filtrate rates in a little footprint.
  • Settings contains an amount transmitter, modulating effluent device, environment control interface and a filtrate weir.
  • Low area needs and easy installation.
  • No going components and easy, effective operation.


  • Successfully filters otherwise hard-to-filter solids.
  • Saves power and maintenance prices.
  • Produces an uninterrupted managed water stream, with a minor resultant waste flow for disposal or further therapy.


The SuperSand™ constant backwash filter can be applied both in municipal wastewater and manufacturing liquid therapy procedures.

Whether you may need recycle high quality water, nutrient elimination, commercial liquid treatment, or natural water therapy, WesTech’s SuperSand™ delivers unrivaled effluent quality, meeting the best of environmental standards.


  • Suspended solids reduction
  • Water reuse (Title 22 Certified)
  • Denitrification and nitrification
  • Chemical phosphorus removal
  • Pretreatment with other procedures


  • Metal completing
  • Backwash data recovery
  • Process water
  • Soothing tower blowdown
  • Metal mill scale
  • Chemical processing
  • Perfect for pretreament instead of gravity filters


SuperSand™ Concrete Basin

The filter cells (each consisting of multiple filter segments) share a common sand sleep. A plant can be designed for a virtually limitless filter location, enabling the SuperSand™ becoming applied to tiny and large treatment flowers with capabilities which range from 0.05 MGD to move rates more than 100 MGD.

The metal internal gear can be provided for existing concrete cells.

SuperSand™ Freestanding Devices

Sandfilter Backwash
Sandfilter Backwash
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