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Pool Maintenance Tips

Pretty soon swimming pool holders will face the annual problem: opening a backyard swimming pool for the summer period. The importance of this action lies in the health of the swimmers and the pool itself. So let us see main tips that will help you to maintain your pool and get it ready for the summer opening.


The first thing to remember is that you do not have to empty your pool. Just do not, even if you live in severe climate conditions. Use covering instead and you will not face the problems of leaves and other natural rubbish at the bottom.


The second thing important thing is cleaning. You have to remove all the residential waste, so do not be ashamed of calling Removal Company if needed. Use some chemicals to clean all the baskets and filter cartridge, then put the filtration system together. 

Read more about residential waste:


Top off the water level if you see it fall over the winter period.


One of the most crucial steps is to make a professional test of water. You can just take a water sample and bring it to a local swimming pool store to test it. They will do a complete test and tell you everything about which needs to be adjusted.


After the professional analysis, all you have to do is to balance chemicals in your swimming pool. Professionals will tell you everything about your particular situation with pH level, calcium hardness, etc. Sometimes you will need just to put some tablets in your skimmer baskets, so do not worry; it is not a hard thing to do.


After making everything mentioned above you may think that it is time to dive. Just do not. You will have to clean your filter for a few more days before the water will is clear enough. You can know that the process is finished when you can clearly see the pool floor.


Remove the cover and vacuum everything from the bottom.


The last step requires maintenance. It means you will have to clean the filter, vacuum the pool, test chemicals and do everything to keep your swimming pool clean for the rest of the season.

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