General Cleaning Tips For Your Patio Furniture

General Cleaning Tips For Your Patio Furniture

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It most case cleaning your furniture is a chore that focuses on giving them general care. The duties can range from a daily task to something that you can do once a week. For instance, furniture in a patio adjacent the pool; you need to clean and rinse these to lessen the chlorine on their surface that may damage the finishes. Below are some fantastic cleaning tips for different patio furniture that will get them gleaming.

Teak Furniture

Furniture made from teak is a popular choice for many patios because it weathers well. When taking care of teak, avoid using teak oil because it can be a dust magnet.

The best thing is to clean the furniture with a mild cleaning detergent and a soft bristled brush or sponge, rinse thoroughly, and dry the surface. Allow the furniture to sight in the sun to help get rid of dampness that causes mildew, but this is for a few hours to avoid damage by the sun.

Stone Furniture

Stone furniture is resilient, however it does need to be cleaned now and again and given a bit of love. A power washer can be a big help when dealing with garden benches made with stone .

Aluminium Furniture

When washing the items, add as few squirts of a mild dish washing liquid or detergent in the cleaning water and use a soft cloth or soft-bristled scrubbers to clean. Remember to rinse thoroughly and dry the aluminum surfaces.

Apply a car wax on the aluminum furniture twice annually; the coat will help maintain its smooth, shiny look.

Outdoor Glass Tabletops

When clean glass tabletops, you have to work on both sides. If possible, start by flipping the table and wash the glass with smooth, close hosing it down and then wiping off the surface with a sponge and cotton cloth. You can also clean the glass tabletops using a spray cleaner and finish off with a glass polish.

Plastic Furniture

Plastic furniture requires little care; washing with mild cleaning detergents, rinsing with water and drying the surface with a towel will do the trick.

Do not use products that contain ammonia if you are removing stains, use a diluted bleach solution instead.

Wooden Furniture

Use a mild cleaning detergent and a soft brush to scrub and clean wooden furniture once a year. Store the furniture indoor during the rain and winter seasons.

Wrought Iron Furniture

Wash this furniture using soapy water and rinse thoroughly and dry the surfaces. Apply appropriate polish or wax after every six months to help reduce corrosion. Store the furniture indoors during the winter or cover them if they are too heavy to move.

Vinyl Outdoor Furniture

Use warm soapy water to clean the furniture. Avoid using any bleach because it can damage the finish causing it to fade, discolor, and weather rapidly.

Cleaning the patio furniture should be part of your periodic home cleaning and maintenance routine. Doing this will ensure that you have your furniture in their original statue for years to come.

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