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Pool Maintenance Guide

Caring for your pool is important in several ways. a share with balanced liquid will ensure bather convenience, safe and clean liquid, and also will allow for your gear to your workplace as designed. As well as balancing your water, there are other functions that really must be performed so that you can precisely look after your pool.

Fronheiser Pools has arrived up with a treatment Guide below to help answer generally requested concerns regarding how exactly to take care of a share. The aim of this guide is to be an ever-evolving way to obtain information, therefore please go ahead and e mail us with any suggestions on content that might enhance this resource.

Testing and Balancing Your Share

It is recommended that every pool proprietors make sure stabilize their particular pool at least once a week. Proceed with the four(4) measures in order below:

1 – Test & change Total Alkalinity
Best Range: 80 ppm – 120 ppm
Item to utilize: Poolife Alkalinity Plus

2 –Test & change pH
Best Range: 7.4 – 7.6
Item to Use to improve pH: Poolife pH Plus
Product to make use of to improve pH: Poolife pH Minus

STEP THREE – Test & change Total Bromine or Chlorine
Perfect Range for Bromine Pools: 2 ppm – 4 ppm
Product to Use for Bromine Pools: AquaZone Brominating Tablets
Ideal number for Chlorine swimming pools: 1 ppm – 3 ppm
Products to Use for Chlorine Pools: Poolife Brite Stix, MPT Extra, 3” cleansers Tablets or Instant Clear cleansing Granules

STEP - Test & Adjust Calcium Hardness
Ideal number: 200 ppm – 300 ppm
Product to utilize: Poolife Calcium Plus

STEP 5 - Test & Adjust Cyanuric Acid (Chlorine Pools Only)
Ideal Range: 30 ppm – 50 ppm
Product to Use: Poolife Stabilizer
Note: Cyanuric Acid amounts in excess of 100 ppm is unnecessary and may lead to microbial and algae development. The only method to lower the Cyanuric Acid amount is often through dilution or draining and refilling of share.

Algae-Free Liquid in 3 Simple Actions

And maintaining correctly balanced water, stick to the under measures while working your share pump 8-12 hours a day:

1 – Sanitize
Utilize AquaZone Bromine Tablets, Poolife MPT Extra Chlorine Tablets, or any Poolife Chlorine product to carry your share toward proper sanitizer degree. See preceding for suggested Bromine and Chlorine amounts.

STEP 2 –Shock
Utilize any Poolife Turbo Shock, or any Poolife Oxidizer item, on a weekly foundation to surprise your share, hence destroy pollutants & maintain clarity. Constantly transmitted surprise product uniformly throughout the pool liquid as the pump is switched on. Brush away any remnants from the pool surface to the deep end empties

3 – Algaecide
Use Poolife Defend +, or any Poolife Algaecide, on a weekly basis as an algae preventative. It is always easier to prevent algae from developing rather than handle an eco-friendly pool.

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Pool Maintenance Room Escape Video Wakthrough
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