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Pool spa and filtration

Premium Filter MediaNo single aspect is more required for hot tub or share liquid high quality than your filtration. A soiled, blocked or worn-out spa filter will fail in its work of trapping contaminants. Old filters additionally placed strain on your own spa's pump also gear, that could waste energy bucks and minimize liquid blood circulation. Cleanse your filters with every water change and swap all of them annually to guard your guarantee and reduce unnecessary service telephone calls.

Utilize the filter rotation method: when cleaning your dirty filter, swap it with a clean dried out free. With this specific system you'll never need wait to make use of your spa, and your filters will last longer. Permitting filters to dry totally after cleansing helps get rid of smells and resident microorganisms. Clean filters save power.

Antimicrobial End CapsClarathon salon & Pool Filters:
You simply can't get an improved high quality filter cartridge at any price. Listed here is the reason why:

Premium Filter Media

Clarathon utilizes a polyester filtration news that money can buy. The end result is longer filter life and much better liquid quality. In fact, you may expect as much as 33% much better filtration than other brands which could look about the same, but make use of inexpensive filter news. An extra bonus: Our sharp pleat folds increase liquid movement prices while making cartridge cleaning easier.

Durable Bands

Antimicrobial End Caps & Premium Center Cores

Clarathon's strengthened end caps function Antimicrobial defense against bacteria and mold. This security significantly prolongs living of cartridge construction and works to inhibit odor and filter blocking, for a healthier filtration system. Our super-strong center cores are the best in the business.

Break-resistant Banding

Filter designs calling for rings* function our large, break-resistant banding material for ideal flow rates without pleat flutter.

* as specified because of the OEM

Blue Anti-Microbial Media Update

Numerous preferred Clarathon filters are actually offered with Antimicrobial security. This advanced level blue media lasts for the life of the cartridge to restrict the development of bacteria on the pleated textile that may foul and weaken a cartridge.Antimicrobial Media Microorganisms that come in contact with Microban filter news are not any longer able to develop or reproduce.

Pool Cartridge Filters too!

The Spa Depot additionally stocks a huge selection of quality replacement share filter cartridges for Pentair-American/Pac Fab, Hayward, Waterway, Intex Pools, KD, Fox Wal-Pak, Jacuzzi Brothers, Baker Hydro, and lots of various other brands of pool filter gear.

Premium High Quality

Clarathon Premium Ultra spa and pool filter cartridges are manufactured only using the most truly effective high quality materials.

Note: Some retailers (especially online) offer low-grade filters that have bad purification traits and are usually susceptible to premature failure. Don't waste decent money on low-quality filters.

Watermark Swimming Pool and Spa Services | Pools, Spas
Watermark Swimming Pool and Spa Services | Pools, Spas ...
Pool and Spa Maintenance
Pool and Spa Maintenance
Proper filtration and keeping your swimming pool running.
Proper filtration and keeping your swimming pool running.
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