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Cleaning Pool and spa

Regarding spending your leisure time there are many considerations to do than looking after your children's pool. Compliment of PV3, the automated In-Floor share cleaning and blood supply system, your share are built to cleanse itself as you relax.
> Built directly into the pool shell PV3 is engineered to completely clean your complete share, including floors, measures, benches, even spas. If not operating, PV3 vanishes into the share floor, rendering it virtually invisible. There are no vacuum hoses left floating in pool. All that’s remaining is a sparkling clean share that is prepared to enjoy. PV3 is custom-designed for the unique share form. It is therefore effective that it'll clean 99percent of the entire pool, fully guaranteed, plus notably reduce home heating and substance costs for the life span of the pool.


How it operates

1. Rotating cleaning pop-up jets are put in floors, measures, benches and also spas to wash the entire pool. These jets work together to sweep debris toward pool’s primary drain and skimmer location. 4. The **SDX large movement protection strain works together the MDX-R3 to provide one more layer of anti-entrapment protection. SDX additionally manages extra suction requirements. 2. The MDX-R3 safety drain continually gathers big dirt and delivers it towards the recommended Debris Containment Canister. 5. The optional complex SwingJet ratcheting wall returns, sequentially oscillate in a 90 degree cleaning arc improving the PV3’s cleaning and blood supply. 3. The optional Debris Containment Canister works along with MDX-R3 strain. It holds huge dirt for easy deck side treatment. Extra security can be achieved using the optional MVFUSE Magnetic vacuum release system (SVRS). 6. The PV3 automatic Watervalve features because the brain of system and directs a robust circulation of water to each group of cleaning nozzles. The Watervalve calls for no routine upkeep, and it is 100per cent pressure safe.

Find Neighborhood PV3 Builder

To locate a Paramount Dealer or even to find out more about PV3, click on the option the following.

C.A.D. Built To Clean Any Pool.

From design of this product to the layout for the PV3 system, Paramount engineers everything to make sure our system gives the most readily useful overall performance feasible.

PV3 is readily available through Paramount Authorized Builders. To find a builder or company towards you, kindly click on the Get a hold of A Builder link on the top right of the web page.

If you are a share builder and need additional information, kindly notify your Paramount Regional product sales Representative or contact Consumer

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