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Made out of advanced high quality, 1200mm high toughened security cup that's 12mm thick with safe, polished bevel edges. You can find 21 different glass lengths accessible to match any design necessity. The lengths are normally taken for 600mm to 2000mm long panels.

The toughened share fencing glass fits into strong, deterioration resistant metal spigots. Two spigot styles can be obtained; square anodized aluminum and circular polished stainless-steel. The spigots is installed either above surface utilizing a base plate, or bolted in-ground via holes that are filled with cement.

Frameless glass share fencing is certified to satisfy all Australian requirements and it is authorized for usage as pool fencing.

Glass Pool Fencing Gate

Finish your cup share fence with a matching 1200mm high by 834mm broad gate. Connected utilizing strong and attractive, high quality metal hinges with a matching friction mounted latch set.

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Solution

  • Elegant, barely noticeable frameless glass share fencing.
  • Best quality materials and construction.
  • 12mm dense toughened protection cup with polished bevel sides.
  • 1200mm high with 21 lengths which range from 600mm to 2000mm.
  • Quality, deterioration resistant, stainless-steel spigots.
  • Two spigot designs; square anodized and round polished.
  • Spigots may be set up in-ground or via a base dish.
  • Matching 834mm wide gate with quality metal hinges.
  • Australian standards certified and authorized for pool fencing.
Fence spigots used in frameless cup pool fencing

Highest Quality Glass

Stratco are suffering from a reputation within the trade for supplying the best high quality tempered glass. Absolute awareness of information in manufacturing, packaging and quality-control mean you may be guaranteed of a frequent, high quality item.

The greatest quality levels are achieved in all steps of the production process:

Float Glass

  • All glass is processed from the same float glass supplier.
  • The glass quality and perish batch continues to be consistent.
  • Strict high quality checks are done to ensure just conforming float glass is processed.

Glass Cutting Tables

  • The clearest float cup is specified assuring no green or blue tint problems occur.
  • Automobile load tables are used to optimize effectiveness.
  • Precision cutting equipment is employed.

Double Edge Polishing Devices

  • Perfectly polished and blemish no-cost sides.
  • Our horizontal two fold side polishing devices give the best edge.
  • The glass speed through edging machine is supervised.
  • Quality-control employees check each sheet of cup.
  • Advanced liquid filtration make sure clean liquid is employed during polishing.

Radius Corners

  • Radius sides get rid of the safety hazard of razor-sharp corners.
  • 12mm dense cup has 5mm radius sides.
  • 5mm radius corners need a supplementary production action, however the final item is stunning.

Tempering Oven

Toughened cup is made from annealed glass via a thermal tempering process. The glass is positioned onto a roller table, which takes it through a furnace which heats it above its annealing point of approximately 700 °C. The cup will be rapidly cooled with required atmosphere drafts. Of crucial relevance when processing glass may be the tempering furnace utilized.

  • Our brand new furnace used can toughen glass as much as 2440mm x 5000mm in dimension.
  • The furnace is especially made for heavy weight cup this is certainly 8mm thick and above.
  • an on-site auto mechanic guarantees regular furnace upkeep.
  • Punch assessment of toughened glass does occur hourly according to Australian Standards.

Loading Requirements

  • Each sheet passes through a backlit, level table evaluation range for examining ahead of packaging.
  • Cork shields divide each cup sheet.
  • Every sheet has actually tough synthetic spot protectors shrink covered on.
  • The glass can be properly transported long distances with a decreased threat of the glass coming in contact with, chipping or scraping.
Source: www.stratco.com.au
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