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Pool Pump filter system

Hayward Pro Series Sand Filter

For a share sand filter that will perform effortlessly for the many years, the Hayward professional Series is a good choice. It is available as a top-mount or side-mount filter. The filter normally available in numerous sizes, therefore it is ideal for most standard in-ground swimming pools. Why that Pro Series stands out off their sand filters is simply because it's very durable and in addition simple to preserve. There is a glass screen that allows people see when backwashing is completed.

  • Sand filter
  • Top or part mount designs
  • 6-position multi-port valve
  • Pump is 0.75 or 1.5 horsepower
  • Filters 21 to 47 thousand gallons in 8 hours
  • Flow rate of 44 to 98 GPM
Hayward SwimClear Cartridge Pool Filter

The SwimClear cartridge filter by Hayward boasts a very huge capacity, therefore the filter could undergo a complete season without having to be cleaned (though regular cleaning continues to be always recommended). Washing the cartridge filter is very simple: only eliminate it and spray it down with a hose. Another standout function of the filter is the fact that there's no necessity for a multi-port device therefore it uses less electricity.

  • Cartridge filter
  • Filters down to 2 to 5 microns
  • Filtration area of 225 to 725 square feet
  • Filters 40 to 72 thousand gallons in 8 hours
  • Flow price of 84 to 150 GPM
Sta-Rite Posi-Clear Cartridge Filter

Operating a share filter may use countless energy. For in-ground pool owners who wish to lower their particular electricity consumption, the Posi-Clear cartridge filter by Sta-Rite is really worth considering. Water goes into from side of the filter in a way that decreases the total amount of energy required because of the pump. Therefore, the Posi-Clear can use half the quantity of energy as various other cartridge share filters. The filter can be made for usability with functions like a 1.5 inch drainage opening and simple cartridge removal.

  • Energy-efficient
  • Filtration part of 100 to 200 sqft
  • Filters 48 to 72 thousand gallons in 8 hours
  • Flow price of 38 to 75 GPM
Waterway Crystal Liquid Cartridge and DE Filter

The amazingly Water filter by Waterway is a costlier choice for a cartridge filter however it has many special features. Foremost, the filter may be converted to a DE filter. Thus giving share proprietors even more mobility with the way they desire to run their pool. The Crystal liquid filter can also be quite simple to steadfastly keep up and cleanse due to functions like a two-inch drainage gap, numerous handles, and easy-to-read settings. The filter is available in different sizes appropriate little or huge pools.

  • Are transformed into DE filter
  • Filtration area of 36 to 60 sqft
  • Filters 34.5 to 57.6 thousand gallons in 8 hours
  • Flow rate of 72 to 120 GPM

The Jandy DEV is an inexpensive DE filter for in-ground swimming pools. It comes in 2 sizes for a filtration area of 48 or 60 sqft. Even though the DE filter is listed reduced, it is still very efficient and powerful. Dependent on which of the two designs can be used, it can filter 46 to 57 thousand gallons of liquid in 8 hours. Hence, this is a good DE filter for larger in-ground swimming pools.

  • DE filter
  • Filtration area of 48 or 60 sqft
  • Filters 46 or 57 thousand gallons in 8 hours
  • Flow price of 96 to 120 GPM
Pentair EasyClean DE Filter

The EasyClean filter by Pentair was made with users in your mind. It is quick and easy to completely clean the filter, and the filter may also be serviced easily without any resources, due to the spin-on hookups. The only real downside for the filter usually it's only available in two sizes: 15 sqft and 30 square feet. Versus many other DE filters, the EasyClean is lightweight at 26 or 35 weight. This will make it simple to eliminate the filter for maintenance.

  • Filtration area of 15 to 30 sqft
  • Filters 28.8 to 43 thousand gallons in 8 hours
  • Flow price of 60 or 90 GPM
Hayward Pro-Grid DE Pool Filter

The Pro-Grid diatomaceous earth filter by Hayward is one of the most preferred DE filters for in-ground swimming pools. The filter is available in numerous sizes so that it can be used with most in-ground swimming pools and with spas. As you expected with Hayward filters, the Pro-Grid is built to endure for the years. It's a really durable body that could endure chemical exposure. The filter can also be designed for simplicity of use with features like readily-accessible grids and components.

  • Filtration section of 24 to 72 square feet
  • Filters 23 to 69 thousand gallons in 8 hours
  • Flow price of 60 to 150 GPM

Accessories for In-Ground Pool Filters

With respect to the sort of pool filter you've got, some accessories may be needed to use and keep the filter. Sand filters and DE filters will need to have a backwash hose pipe plus replacement sand and DE powder. Pool owners utilizing cartridge-type filters may choose to purchase some resources for cleansing filter cartridges, such as special cartridge wands or brushes.

Some accessories for pool filters are a good idea to buy regardless of the style of filter being used:

  • Pool equipment surge protector: For safeguarding pool filter from power surges

Pool owners can find several add-ons for his or her pool filters on eBay when you go to the

Pool Filters

group. When buying accessories for in-ground share filters, you need to make sure that the accessory will likely be appropriate for your particular style of filter before you make your purchase.

Just how to Buy In-Ground Pool Filters on eBay

To make sure that they have been obtaining the correct in-ground pool filter with their needs, buyers should evaluate numerous filters before you make their acquisition. Thus, eBay is amongst the best places to look for pool filters since there are so many possibilities. Locate in-ground share filters on e-bay, buyers can easily go right to the Pool Filters category. They are able to then browse through the many items available or make use of the search box to take into consideration certain terms such as for example "in surface" or "Hayward." There are options regarding the left-hand side of the screen that allow shoppers slim down outcomes by cost.
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