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There are 2 fundamental options in terms of alterative sanitation therapy systems: ozone and ultraviolet radiation. Here’s a glance at each type.

• Ozone, a type of air, is a robust oxidizer and disinfectant. This extremely unstable compound is produced either by exposing air to a certain spectrum ultraviolet (UV) light (reasonable output devices) or corona discharge methods (high-output units), that basically topic air to a high— voltage electric arc. Both use venturi injectors to deliver the ozone on circulating pool liquid.

Ozone features a rather brief life (all the ozone in a pool system is practically undetectable in under ten minutes), but since it is these types of a powerful oxidizer, most wellness rules stop its presence into the share. That’s the reason why corona-discharge ozone systems must consist of outboard contact chambers and in—line ozone destruction mechanisms assuring virtually no ozone comes back into the pool.

One advantage of ozone is it can significantly lower chemical substances useful for very chlorination. Claims of a significant decrease in sanitizer and oxidizer usage are typical, but ozone will not conserve any chlorine or bromine lost to backwashing, match drag— away, splash—out, sunshine, evaporation, oxidation or disinfection into the pool.

UFC Art. 80 classifies ozone as a hazardous gas and even though it's created and delivered via a vacuum, ozone equipment areas must be fitted with ozone gasoline detectors and can include unique air maneuvering, disaster shut-off

products and protection signage. Providers should always check neighborhood building and health and safety rules for demands.

• Conventional Ultraviolet (CUV) has been used to augment typical chlorine and bromine system sanitation consistently. In addition to destroying common micro-organisms and viruses, we now have become aware that UV has the ability to destroy protozoan cysts eg giardia and cryptosporidium, along with mono-chloramine in a single pass. The CUV chamber usually is only a box fitted with a crystal cylinder through which liquid travels while becoming bombarded because of the light from UV-spectrum fluorescent bulbs. Some are flow-through chambers fitted with crystal pipes that house a UV lamp.

“Medium pressure” (MPUV) is really perhaps not an increase in pressure, nevertheless strength and spectrum of the UV light calculated In nanograms. The big huge difference is the fact that medium—pressure UV, due to the wider spectrum and intensity, has the capacity to destroy all chloramine species in addition to whatever mainstream UV can do. Most are associated with the flow-through design; but the lamp power is so strong the chamber must certanly be manufactured from metal. Displays in the discharge region of the crystal chambers are also essential to avoid any glass from going into the pool in case of breakage. In addition, security movement switches and interlocks into the recirculation circulation are a necessity.

Like ozone, UV can significantly decrease chemical compounds utilized for superchlorination. Once again, claims of an important reduction in sanitizer and oxidizer usage are common, but neither UV nor ozone saves any chlorine or bromine lost to backwashing, suit drag-out, splash—out, sunshine, evaporation, oxidation or disinfection inside share. It’s important to remember that Ultraviolet and ozone systems can simply treat the share liquid driving straight through the system. Gage and Bidwell’s legislation of dilution verifies that lower than 50 percent associated with the liquid really sees the filter regarding turnover, and lots of Ultraviolet methods on a by-pass only treat a percentage of the.


With UV, the main technique for keeping optimum effectiveness is managing liquid clarity.

Cloudy liquid will prevent the UV’s effectiveness. It's also crucial your crystal chamber which houses the lamps remains clean. Wiper assemblies should always be standard equipment and, if not immediately operated, manual wipers must certanly be made use of each day.

Corona-discharge ozone methods need routine maintenance of environment separators, air generators and periodic cleansing associated with ozone—generating chamber.

Ozone—UV systems tend to be arguably less dangerous and maintenance usually just involves lamp replacement. The lamps aren't cheap and must be replaced semiannually or earlier, according to the wide range of hours of procedure. Both systems should always be interlocked utilizing the recirculation system power and circulation.


The return of measurable chloramines is always an illustration that something isn't performing precisely. Numerous Ultraviolet products have an admirer to-draw environment through control closet to sweet all of them. Reports of units closing down were the consequence of clogged atmosphere filters. Most ozone products have actually cleaner gauges displaying the proper machine for system to operate usually. That needs to be the first thing to consider in the event that product is certainly not making ozone.

Pool Safety and Sanitation
Pool Safety and Sanitation
Ozon Swim Pool Sanitation System - Animation
Ozon Swim Pool Sanitation System - Animation
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Main Access Power Ionizer Swimming Pool Sanitation System ...
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