Best Price Pool Equipment

Monarch pool Filters

Dimensions of Filter:

Diameter A: 185mm

Length B: 556mm

Hole C: 75mm

End Design: Open Up

  • Australia’s largest retailer of filter elements
  • 100% satisfaction, money back guarantee
  • Premium High Quality American REEMAY material
  • High circulation “open core” for energy savings
  • Banded pleats for easier cleaning
  • High-quality construction for optimum strength
  • No glue or binders to increase purification location
  • Not merely one dissatisfied buyer
  • Free delivery Australian Continent Wide

The reason why obtain us? – we have been Australia’s biggest merchant of United states REEMAY material filter elements for all Pools and Spas. All filters include a 12 month guarantee and backed by a 100percent pleasure, money back guarantee. We have been yes you will lay aside time, cash along with your share will sparkle.

American Reemay® Filtration Material – The REEMAY with Microban technology is powerful and will be offering excellent filtration effectiveness for ideal pool and spa filtration. Our filters are made of strong, heavy-duty REEMAY product. Our filters outlast and do a lot better than all the other filters currently available.

Filtration Efficiency – The REEMAY Polyester information within our filters happen produced with energy, purity and high quality. Its special construction holds sharp, also pleats to increase surface in less area for much better and high filtration overall performance. Our filters include an “Open Flow Core” which maintains the structural stability of the filter while guaranteeing easy circulation through core, improving the elimination of particles, quicker share or spa-water return and much better energy savings.

Zero-maintenance – our top quality filters tend to be designed with continuous filaments so that they wouldn't ravel or fray, increasing durability for the factor and reducing upkeep whenever needed. The heavy weight banded pleats increases performance by making the most of the movement of water through filter making sure exceptional purification high quality.

Chemical Resistant - REEMAY material is heavy duty and resistant to chemicals, once filter material begins to decline, it'll no longer filter effortlessly which leads to poor liquid quality. Selecting our top quality filters means clean hygienic liquid within pool or spa. Easy-to-clean REEMAY textile is durable and strong adequate to do, clean after clean. REEMAY with Microban antimicrobial security is the most advanced filter news accessible to prevent the growth of micro-organisms, mold and fungi that may cause fouling of filter cartridge.

When we usually do not stock the filter you might need, Kindly call us therefore we can source it obtainable!

TOTALLY FREE questionable Cleaning Nozzle with every filter!

  • Substantially decreases water wastage
  • Reduces filter cleansing time by more than 50%
  • Suited to use on pool or spa cartridge filters
  • Connects towards garden hose
  • For the majority of efficient results clean the filter while damp
  • Effortlessly cleans cartridge filter, chlorinator cells and share surrounds
Waterco Micron Media Pool Filter
Waterco Micron Media Pool Filter
Types of Swimming Pool Filters
Types of Swimming Pool Filters
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