How do I drain my pool?

How to Use a pool filter?

Hayward Pool Filter FamilySwimming share filters trap soil and oils which coalesce into a gummy, goopy substance that goes by the industry technical term “gunk” or in a sand filter, “mud-balls”.

Minerals and metals are also caught inside filter media, buried deep in the fibers of DE grids or filter cartridges, and in sand filters, turning the sand into one thing resembling sand stone.

Whenever trapped essential oils and scale establish inside filter, it reduces liquid flow rates inside these aspects of the filter media, and transfers higher flow prices in other places. This leads to inadequate purification, and decreases the lifespan for the filter news – your sand, grids or cartridges.


Cartridge filters utilize a pleated textile of woven polyester. Large number of materials pitfall soil and essential oils, nutrients and metals deeply inside the cartridge. Hosing the cartridge with a high force liquid is quite good at removing debris, not so excellent at removing oil and mineral scale or steel spots. And, high-pressure water damages a filter cartridge, by forcing aside the fibers for the textile, which reduces a cartridges dust keeping capability.

To clean a cartridge share filter, remove the cartridges from the container and provide it a beneficial hosing initially, to remove visible dirt. Today fill a tiny rubbish can or large bucket with liquid and pour in the granular filter cleaner. Stir to break down after which drop in your filter cartridges for an overnight soaking. In the event the container is quick, flip the cartridge over halfway through, to completely clean the complete cartridge.

After cleansing, eliminate the cartridge from solution and hose pipe it clean completely, before the suds stop forming. Now – the part that many folks disregard, is to enable the cartridge to dried out totally before replacing it into the container, to eliminate any bacteria deeply within the pleats. For this reason having two units of filter cartridges is preferred, in order to carry on filtering whilst 24 hour procedure of cleansing and drying takes place.


DE filter grids are made of a fine mesh that's smaller compared to a diatomaceous planet particle, to keep them from moving until the share. The woven fabric is these types of a strong weave, that it could clog up instead effortlessly, which increases the filter force and reduces the circulation rate.

Backwashing a DE filter only removes about 70per cent associated with DE dust and dirt that's covering the grids, and enormous portions regarding the grids aren't flushed after all during a backwashing. This is the reason it’s vital that you remove the DE grid construction a few times annually to clean completely with a garden hose.

But a garden hose won’t eliminate nutrients, metals or essential oils. Nutrients including calcium and metals such as for example metal can clog the little skin pores of DE grids and natural oils and grease present another issue. Minerals can be eliminated with a light acid shower and essential oils are removed with a degreaser like TSP but if you are doing it incorrect, or make use of acid initially, it may set the oils making all of them impossible to pull. More straightforward to just make use of our one-step DE Filter Cleaner, to remove both at the same time.

Fill a small rubbish can half full of liquid and include the DE filter grid cleaner in accordance with guidelines. Allow to drench over night, or for several hours, then remove for a beneficial cleaning because of the hose (do not dunk it into the share), before changing the grids into the filter container. Repeat this when annually, or once you remove your filter grids for a hose cleansing.


A sand pool filter uses specifically graded sand this is certainly about half a millimeter across, called #20 silica sand. When matched using right sized pump, sand filters are amazing in trapping dust and natural oils.

Backwashing a sand filter isn't as efficient at releasing caught dust and essential oils nonetheless. Smaller, lighter debris and dirt is flushed completely, but heavier minerals and natural oils coagulate together in clumps that fill the most effective couple of inches of filter sand.

You might change the very best couple of ins of sand annually, or use our Sand Filter Cleaner, to get rid of essential oils, nutrients and metals that make your filter significantly less efficient. When mud-balls and calcification occurs, the water produces well-worn channels that funnel the share water through filter, with very little purification.

Sand filter cleaner is straightforward to utilize – just add it through the skimmer, using filter device from the backwash place. After the cleaner is sucked into the filter, turn off the pump and invite the chemical to the office instantaneously. Begin it up again the second morning on wash, to flush out dirt, oils and minerals. Utilize annually to revitalize your filter sand, and keep your filter operating at complete result!

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