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Bromine pools

There are 2 types of sanitizers you can use in a pool – Bromine or Chlorine. Both are members of the Halogen category of elements, nestled between Fluorine and Iodine from the periodic dining table.

Bromine and chlorine tend to be close cousins of each and every other, however they have actually distinct personalities, as cousins often do, and respond differently in many ways.

Bromine and chlorine each have their very own benefits and drawbacks, as outlined below.

Bromine Advantages

  • Much more stable at higher conditions than chlorine
  • Stronger at higher pH amounts than chlorine
  • Bromine could be reactivated by superchlorinating
  • Bromamines remain energetic sanitizers, with reasonable smell
  • Adds no cyanuric acid or calcium on liquid

Bromine Drawbacks

  • Bromine tablets are more pricey than chlorine
  • Bromine isn't as widely accessible as chlorine
  • Bromine is not as successfully stabilized through the sunshine

Chorine Benefits

  • Much more accessible than bromine
  • Less costly than bromine, as much as 40per cent less
  • Are stabilized through the sunlight with cyanuric acid
  • Higher percentage of offered sanitizer

Chlorine Drawbacks

  • Chloramines tend to be poor sanitizers and gas-off more readily
  • Really ineffective at high pH amounts above 7.8
  • Stabilized chlorine products add cya, which could rise too high
  • Heated or warm water temperatures quickly depletes chlorine

Can Bromine be applied with Nature2?

Nature2 is a mineral sanitizer that makes use of silver and copper ions to aid purify a spa or share. Other comparable mineral purifier items are produced by Frog, free time and others.

There is certainly a little bit of misinformation online about the utilization of Bromine and Mineral Purifiers. If you ask issue to a search engine, “Can Nature2 be applied with Bromine?”, you'll find a lot of unfavorable responses, stating that nature2 is incompatible with Bromine. But various other mineral purifiers, which are essentially knock-offs of the Nature2 technology, state that either bromine or chlorine can be utilized.

Looking the Zodiac website, the only details about incompatibility is the fact that nature2 should not be used with Biguanide services and products or copper algaecides, but nothing about bromine. In a phone call to Zodiac tech assistance, I was told which they recommend usage with chlorine only because that’s the sole halogen that has been tested and assessed because of the EPA. Bromine used in combination with bromine will not be evaluated or subscribed, therefore just isn't advised by Zodiac.

So indeed, usage Nature2 (or other mineral purifier) with Bromine if you want – and do not believe all the misinformation that you will find online.

How to convert my swimming pool from chlorine to bromine?
How to convert my swimming pool from chlorine to bromine?
How to convert my swimming pool from bromine to chlorine?
How to convert my swimming pool from bromine to chlorine?
In The Swim Pool Bromine Tablets - 25 lbs.
In The Swim Pool Bromine Tablets - 25 lbs.
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