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Become a Lifeguard

Sparkling Pools certifies and locations lifeguards at private pools in NJ, PA, DE and NY.

Sparkling Pools is obviously trying to find competent candidates to be lifeguards. In order to be a lifeguard you should be at the least fifteen years old and a good swimmer.

Step One - Apply

  • Initially, complete the internet application or phone the main company at (609) 426-4252.
  • Next, attend an information session to learn more about Sparkling Pools and what it's going to be always are a lifeguard. At the end of the session, you are because of the possibility to remain for a quick meeting if you want.
  • If you're provided employment at the meeting, you are offered a pay rate therefore the chance to subscribe to Lifeguard Training if required.

Step 2 - Get Licensed

  • Your job offer is dependent upon effective conclusion regarding the Lifeguard training program. You'll carry on being assessed for eligibility during your training.
  • We show American Red Cross Lifeguard Training at a variety of locations.
  • You're not required to simply take courses with Sparkling Pools, however must certanly be certified as a lifeguard before you can work.
  • Information regarding the class fee would be provided at the information session/Interview.

3 - Start Working!

The season starts on Saturday, May 23, 2015 - Memorial Day Weekend. As a lifeguard you should be prepared to finish any/all regarding the after jobs when you are working:

  • Watching the swimmers and pool location to be sure many people are safe.
  • Ensuring everybody else during the pool follows the pool rules.
  • Using steps to stop accidents from occurring (for instance: reminding kids not to run using the damp concrete.)
  • Providing assistance for a swimmer in trouble or someone who needs first aid.
  • Cleansing and upkeep of the pool and share location. These tasks might feature: vacuuming and skimming the share, cleaning share tiles, cleaning the share, draining the skimmer baskets, tidying and washing the pool furnishings, sweeping the deck and testing the share water.
Beautiful Home with Sparkling Pool!
Beautiful Home with Sparkling Pool!
Save Tons of Money & Still Have a Sparkling Clean Pool: 10
Save Tons of Money & Still Have a Sparkling Clean Pool: 10 ...
Gorgeous Home with Master Spa Suite, Sparkling Pool
Gorgeous Home with Master Spa Suite, Sparkling Pool ...
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