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Flippin' Frog*above chemistry amounts can vary greatly somewhat with different systems.


Minimal Total Alkalinity (TA) is raised by the addition of Alkalinity Control, and alternatively, high TA and/or large pH is paid down with the addition of pH Minus. Constantly adjust TA very first, then pH, because TA adjustment usually brings pH into range too.

Minimal pH (which cannot be mentioned into range with Alkalinity Control alone) can be raised by the addition of pH Plus.

Minimal TA and pH trigger deterioration. Tall TA and pH could cause staining and scale formation. TA & pH that is in correct stability additionally encourages sanitizer effectiveness.

Low stiffness is raised by the addition of Calcium Hardness Treatment. High stiffness could be decreased by draining a percentage regarding the liquid and diluting with fresh resource water. Treating with steel Control will also help sequester calcium as well as other pool staining metallics such as for instance metal and magnesium that are contained in the water.

Liquid with all the proper stiffness degree feels better to the skin and is better for gear longevity. Low stiffness amounts may also lead to foaming problems.

Pool Water Sanitizing

Healthy pools need the use of a sanitizer system to destroy micro-organisms and prevent algae. Even though most typical pool sanitizers are chlorine services and products (available in pills, which are dispensed in a float, as well as in granular kind) you will find great options.

Alternate sanitizers are becoming more popular, as people would rather decrease their particular chlorine publicity. For 12-18 ft. above floor swimming pools, we advice the high-effective and cost-effective brand new Flippin' Frog mineral/reduced chlorine system. For in-ground and above-ground pools using a cartridge filtration system, we advice the Nature2 CF Mineral Sanitizer given that it greatly reduces the quantity of chlorine residual required. It's simple to put in, needs very little upkeep, is extremely cost-effective, and it is gentler towards the share's plastic lining.Flippin' Frog System in case the above-ground or in-ground pool has actually a sand or DE filter, the Nature2 Express is an excellent choice for swimming pools as much as 25, 000 gallons.

Alternative sanitizer systems such as for instance Nature2 have actually less odor and they are gentler to skin, eyes, hair, and swimsuits. In addition they require less maintenance effort.

Through AquaChek choose or AquaChek Yellow Test pieces we can figure out chlorine levels:

Sanitizer Program Testing Frequency Desired Free Chlorine Flippin' Frog Once or twice a week 0.5 ppm Nature2 CF Two times per week 0.5 ppm* Conventional Chlorine Each Day 1.0 - 3.0 ppm

*Nature2 CF needs 1-2 ppm during startup period. Consult directions.

Flippin' Frog

Flippin' Frog may be the simplest way maintain 12 to 18 ft. above-ground swimming pools neat and clear. Flippin' Frog is unlike any ordinary floater. It makes use of minerals to destroy bacteria so chlorine is paid down down seriously to much lower levels. The effect is soft-water without bleached swimsuits or smells!

Just how Flippin' Frog works: click on the mineral & chlorine cartridges collectively, tether, then set in pool. The mineral cartridge lasts a complete period whilst the chlorine cartridges last roughly 3-4 days. Simply change underneath chlorine cartridge when Flippin’ Frog flips over. No pressing or pre-measuring the chlorine again!

Nature2 CF System

Nature2 CF falls straight into your pool's pleated filter cartridge. No complicated set up or extra equipment purchase. Water flows through its mineral sanitizer, destroying microorganisms without high chlorine amounts.

Note: make reference to Nature2 CF manual for start-up, required purification times, and installation information. Perhaps not compatible with biguanides, bromine or copper based algaecides. For cartridge filter systems only.

Pool chemicalsAfter set up, the share liquid is superoxidized with chlorine in line with the manufacturer's instructions. This burns off contaminants and activates the type 2 cartridge. We recommend utilizing Dichlor Granules, pre-dissolved in on a clean synthetic pail of liquid. After preliminary super-oxidation, the circulating pump is operate when it comes to time period specified when you look at the instructions, keeping 1-2 ppm no-cost chlorine. Trichlor or other EPA subscribed share chlorine services and products could also be used.

Upon conclusion of this initial startup duration, allow chlorine degree dissipate to 0.5 ppm, and keep maintaining that level. (Try not to enter the share if chlorine amount is above 3 ppm). Proceed with the pool manufacturer's instructions for maintaining the share pump in proper working order, and function at the least six hours each day. Nature 2 CF is designed to sanitize swimming pools from 5, 000 to 25, 000 gallons, and persists 4 months.


With cartridge versions for bigger pools (up to 30, 000 gallons) PoolRX is the eco-friendly solution that simplifies share attention, lowers chemical consumption, and lowers total cost of upkeep. Pool RX improves your pool experience with mineral technology and makes liquid sparkle. PoolRx contains a proprietary mixture of minerals that continually expel algae for half a year.

Standard Chlorine Sanitizing Techniques

If you prefer a normal chlorine pool sanitizer, there are many options including Trichor Tablets in a Float or stabilized Sodium Dichlor Granules. These will demand keeping a higher recurring no-cost chlorine degree than with Nature2 CF. Apply according to the manufacturer's directions.

If using a typical non-stabilized chlorine sanitizer such as for example Trichlor, the employment of cyanuric acid Pool Conditioner/Stabilizer is needed to slow the breakdown of active chlorine brought on by sunshine. Cyanuric acid normally assessed with Chlorine Test Strips.

Liquid Clarification

Utilizing a beneficial share liquid clarifier removes cloudy liquid due to essential oils, sunscreens, creams and beauty products, including organic matter and dirt.

We advice SeaKlear All-natural Clarifier for swimming pools. Unlike artificial petroleum-based clarifiers, Sea Klear in fact removes oils from the liquid. It's earth-friendly and contains no harsh or harmful chemicals. SeaKlear additionally lowers undesirable metals, but doesn't restrict steel ions from ionizers or mineral-based purifiers... so it's truly the only clarifier that individuals recommend for usage with Nature2 services and products.


Virtually every pool owner has already established to cope with cloudy water due to occasional algae blooms. Our water Klear 90-Day Pool Algae protection & Remover is the better algaecide we've found and it is efficient to eradicate various types of children's pool algae. Its concentrated and incredibly cost-effective to make use of.

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