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Partners for Care Hockey Pool

2015/2016 Principles:

1. Entry Deadline is Friday October 16th, 2015. Mailed entries must be postmarked by October 16th, 2015 and delivered entries should be received on or before October 16th, 2015.

2. You'll enter as numerous times while you wish, provided a $25 entry cost (or 3 for $60) accompanies each entry.

3. Members must select one player from all the 21 rounds. The most effective 20 of 21 selections should be familiar with figure out members total things. Points shall be based on combining the 20 players goals and assists.

4. Complete prize value in share is $13, 300 allocated as follows:
Six month-to-month rewards plans is going to be granted to your participants with all the biggest point increase in the following time periods.

October: starting online game – October 31st
November: November 1 – 30
December: December 1 – 31
January: January 1 – 31
February: February 1- 28
March: March 1 – Final regular period online game

Five cash prizes will probably be granted monthly as follows: 1st-$300, 2nd - $250, third - $200, 4th -$150, fifth - $100, 6th to 10th - $60 Pool present Certificates.

Upon conclusion of the regular season there will be 10 cash prizes granted toward 10 participants with built up points they will probably be granted below:
1st - $2500, 2nd - $1000, third - $500, 4th - $400, fifth $300, 6th - $200, 7th- $150, 8th - $150, 9th - $150, 10th - $150.

5. Standings is updated every day on our web site month-to-month champions is going to be noted on the 2nd Monday of each thirty days in the Chronicle Herald.

6. Any contest connections will be broken by researching total objectives scored. Any further connections are going to be decided by a draw by contest officials.

7. Entries must certanly be mailed or brought to: Partners for Care, 1278 Tower Rd., 1-026A, Centennial, Halifax, NS B3H 2Y9.

8. Organizers have the straight to disqualify any entry which has been wrongly completed or unclearly marked. Entry cost is payable by cash, money purchase or Cheque only. Cheques returned NSF will result in entry disqualification. Article dated cheques (after the due date date) will not be acknowledged.

9. Entries and choices will likely be confirmed by mail to all individuals.

10. By entering this contest, members acknowledge they own read and accepted these rules and regulations.

11. Administrators and staff of Partners for Care and all individuals with who they truly are domiciled are ineligible to enter this competition.

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Dominion Lending Centre FREE Hockey Playoff Pool
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