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Pool Cleaning Services

Our Stand-Alone Chemical solutions:

1. Weekly or Bi-Weekly Full Provider Cleaning
Beginning at $65 per month

Our Weekly residential share cleansing is made for unscreened pools, with or without spas, that may require additional attention considering leaves or debris.

Pool Trooper’s Bi-Weekly residential share cleansing is made for screened in swimming pools (with and without spas) and saves our clients the expense of unnecessary cleanings as a result of share being enclosed.

Full provider Cleaning includes all tips – we don’t have confidence in area cleaning! Pool Troopers brushes your tile and walls, vacuums the pool, cleans out all baskets, nets the pool of debris and checks your biochemistry. These types of services tend to be carried out each see. Additionally we wash your pool filter by itself routine determined at start-up time based upon your swimming pools filter type and size. Mouse click for more information on our complete wash Promise. Please note some supersized cartridge filters require a mechanic to completely clean them 2 to 4 times each year and will be quoted separately at start-up.

chemical-img 2. Weekly or Bi-Weekly
Brush/Basket/Filter Services
Beginning at monthly

Our BBF solution is quite favored by clients which have a robotic pool cleaner or those only wanting some help with the share. We brush the pool, cleanse your baskets and the pool filter on a scheduled basis.

3. Monthly Backwash Service
Starting at $20 each month

This solution is for people who own DE filters and includes our professional technician backwashing and re-charging your DE filter. The price of the diatomaceous earth required by the filter is part of price.

specialty pool cleaning services
specialty pool cleaning services
Pool Cleaning Service Miami Review | 305-570-4512 | Pool
Pool Cleaning Service Miami Review | 305-570-4512 | Pool ...
Swimming Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Services
Swimming Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Services ...
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