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BioNova Natural Swimming Pool chemical-free chlorine-free shareQ&A: what exactly is a normal pool?

By Debra Maurer

If you are wanting an eco-friendly, chemical-free pool, you might want to think about building an all-natural pool within backyard. Wondering exactly how an all natural pool (NSP) works with no usage of chlorine or any other chemical compounds?

We requested expert James Robyn, CEO of BioNova® Natural Pools in united states and owner of Rin Robyn Pools, Bernardsville, N.J., a few questions to achieve a far better comprehension of this ever more popular types of pool and its particular earth-friendly benefits.

LuxuryPools.com: Precisely what is an all-natural pool?

James Robyn: a normal swimming pool is a chemical-free share that makes use of equivalent maxims as nature to filter out harmful microorganisms. This is the way the device works: The pool features two distinct components: the swimming area and a regeneration zone that has various types of flowers that feed hydroponically on the liquid.

BioNova Natural Swimming Pool chemical-free chlorine-free poolAdditionally, there are aerobic and anaerobic micro-organisms in a biological filter as well as in the regeneration zone that manage unwelcome elements. Water passes through filter, to the area, and back into the swimming location, clarified and completely clean.

LP: how can an all-natural pool stay swimmable without chlorine or any other chemical substances?

JR: considering that the water in an NSP is neither disinfected nor sterilized by manmade chemical compounds, sodium, or technical means, it's understandable that a property owner are cautious with the water’s protection. By strictly organic techniques, but water is cleansed because it is in continual movement as it passes through a biological filter and to the regeneration area. (Given that old saying goes, “still liquid works dirty.”)

Plus, due to the fact water is often going, property owners don't have to be concerned about mosquito infestation; mosquitoes like to breed in standing water.
LP: will likely algae grow in an all-natural swimming pool?

BioNova Natural Swimming Pool chemical-free chlorine-free shareJR: Yes, algae will grow—a touch is in fact needed for the regeneration zone. An NSP will get a handle on this naturally-occurring plant with aquatic flowers plumped for for a particular climate. Algae don’t have actually a chance for success considering that the good plants will out-compete all of them for nutrients. If any algae do ensure it is into the children's pool, the pool sweeper or vacuum cleaner will need proper care of the situation!
LP: What are the great things about a normal children's pool?

JR: the most obvious and a lot of important advantage usually there aren't any chemicals into the water, keeping the share environment safe yet clean—plus, the homeowner need not worry about the cost of buying chemical substances season after season.

Furthermore, the power use of an NSP is lower than a traditional chemical pool. But also for me personally, one of the best benefits is the fact that the property owner gets an additional benefit: the pool’s regeneration area doubles as an attractive water yard.

LP: Can I retrofit my chemical pool into a normal swimming pool?

JR: indeed, but keep in mind that the location surrounding the existing pool must be large enough to accommodate the necessary regeneration zone—and that the zone are going to be equal in size into the current share.

Furthermore, plumbing system should be altered to deal with the water’s motion from regeneration area into the swimming area.

LP: Can a homeowner develop an all natural pool without specialized help?

JR: The brief response is no. An NSP is a balanced wetlands ecosystem that incorporates limnology, hydraulics, hydroponics, and contemporary share construction methods. The complete system needs to be in the offing and crafted by an experienced landscape designer or share builder who's knowledgeable within really precise art.

Source: www.luxurypools.com
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