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Our custom-designed 16" propeller and amply sized outlet barbecue grill create a bubble-free swimming existing that's wider than your system and much deeper than your stroke. It is a comfortable environment for all ages, perfect for teaching kids or competitive swimmers.

Other swimming spas make use of pumps and jet nozzles. The effect: a swim current that is turbulent and weak. It's like swimming against a fire hose pipe.

The graphic and chart below illustrate the distinctions between limitless Pools and Jetted Swim Spas. Of course, when you have any desire for really cycling at home, you then should attempt before you buy. At Endless Pools, we think that swimming is believing.

Swim Spas Compare: Unlimited Pools Jetted Swim Spas

5 or 7.5-hp motor powering a 16" propeller with a premier speed of :51/100 yards.

Water conditioning grills for a smooth, laminar-flow. It is so clear as possible monitor your swing in our underwater mirrors!

Wider than your system (21"-24") and much deeper than your stroke (16"-18")

Jets are generally powered by centrifugal pumps.

The bubbly, turbulent water circulation makes it tough to see.

Some jetted swimming spas make use of as much as 8 jets, therefore 8 times the bubbles whilst still being inadequate power.

Max. circulation of 5, 000 – 7, 000 gallons per minute

52 speeds, adjustable via floating handy remote control

Some jetted swimming spas cap down at 1, 100 gallons per minute, other people at a poor 400 gpm.

Most have just a couple of rate options.

220-volt, 30-amp standard outlet, much like that used for a clothing dryer

60-amp with treadmill and swim existing.

Swim present, treadmill, pumps, and heating units can share circuits, keeping the power demands reduced.

Most jetted swimming spas require a minimal of 60 Hz and also as numerous as 120 amps.

Many domiciles only have 200 amps, so it may necessitate high priced electric strive to expand your home's power.

Top speed: powerful enough to challenge Olympians and triathletes

Lowest speed: friendly to children and beginners, mild enough for aquatic therapy

Most jetted swimming spas require a tether. The present is just too poor to hold you straight back, therefore an unpleasant waist/ankle use is required.

Without the tether, also novice swimmers can out-swim a jetted existing!

Perfect family enjoyable: for boogie boarding, Marco Polo, or perhaps splashing around, children and grandkids love the adjustable current.

Select an Endless Pool Swim salon for added hot-tub deluxe.

Their particular weak present restrictions the fun of jetted swimming spas. They may be essentially hot tubs with extra jets.

Personalized sizes and finish choices to design the pool of the desires

A selection of different models – including molded-acrylic Endless Pool Swim Spas – to suit your lifestyle

Couple of customization choices as acrylic swimming spas are manufactured with a mold.

Installs almost everywhere: inside, in the open air, even yet in existing spaces.

The one-piece building of jetted swimming spas limits you to definitely out-of-doors, garages, and brand new construction.

Affordable, inside or out

Limitless Pool designs start at $22, 900 with a swim existing

Swim spa rates differ. Each swimming spa business sets their very own item, distribution, set up, start up, and service charges. You may spend less for a jetted swimming spa ... you need to decide to try before you purchase. Never get purchaser's remorse!

Phoenix Arizona Swimming Pools and Spas - Alexon Design Group
Phoenix Arizona Swimming Pools and Spas - Alexon Design Group
Arizona Swimming Pool Builder | Shasta Pools and Spas Doan
Arizona Swimming Pool Builder | Shasta Pools and Spas Doan ...
Swimming Pool Design at Presidential Pools and Spas
Swimming Pool Design at Presidential Pools and Spas
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