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How to clean Your pool Filter?

drpool-cartridgeAs we head into another pool season, i need to ask – “How’s your filter doing?”

Hello once again, Dr. Pool here. Today’s conversation facilities not on pool chemicals, but on closely relevant subject of share purification and blood flow.

Filtration and sanitation tend to be closely linked, working together to produce clean pool water. A proper balance involving the two is vital. If purification is lacking, sanitation (and blood supply) must be risen to make up.

Increasing the size of the share filter is obviously one good way to increase filtration; an oversized filter can help prevent numerous water dilemmas before they take place.

However, this post is certainly not attempting to steer you to a brand new share filter, rather our objective is to instruct on methods to enhance the purification on the present filter, without pricey pool filter replacement.


A cartridge share filter has got the most basic of design, liquid is pumped to the filter container and forced to pass through pleats of spun polyester. The soil is trapped within the many layers of woven fibre, and cleaned by hand by detatching the cartridges and spraying with a garden hose pipe.

Increasing Cartridge Filter Efficacy

Don’t Over-Clean: Filter cartridges become a bit more good at trapping soil once the cartridges are somewhat dirty. Trapped dust assists trap much more dust. Next, each time a pool filter cartridge is cleaned, the fibers loosen and dirt trapping ability is decreased a little. Cleanse your cartridges once the stress measure is 8-10 pounds within the clean, starting stress, or when circulation price is somewhat paid down.

Clean Gently: Although a great level of water is very important, too much liquid pressure can harm the fibers. Avoid using a pressure washer to clean filter cartridges. The Filter Flosser enables you to focus the water flow, very useful for low movement yard hoses.

giant pool filterRemove Oils & Minerals: These can both clog up the small areas involving the filter fabric materials. In the event that force gauge just isn't dropping as far as it familiar with after washing the cartridge, clean it with this Filter Cleaner, which breaks down calcium build up and removes oils from swimmers and airborne toxins.

Make use of a bigger Cartridge: Not bigger in proportions, however in sqft of filter area. With the addition of even more pleats, or folds inside cartridge, the filter surface area is increased. When purchasing a brand new filter cartridge, our Filter Finder energy will present several choices for your filter. As an example, the Hayward cartridge CX500 is a 50 sq. ft. filter calculating 7″x20″. Equivalent dimensions filter normally for sale in 3 various other versions with 55, 75 and 81 sq. ft. of surface area.

Utilize a Microban Cartridge: within their unique blue shade, Microban® filter cartridges have actually built in microbial defense against germs, mold and algae. Once you find your filter cartridge using our Filter Finder, if a Microban cartridge is manufactured inside dimensions, it will probably show, with a component number that leads to -M. Microban technology cannot maintain your share sanitary, nonetheless it can prevent algae and micro-organisms from residing deeply in the textile fibers.

microban-cartridgeSAND POOL FILTERS

A sand filter uses particularly graded sand to capture dust and bacteria as water is moved through sand bed. Backwashing, or reversing the circulation through the filter, flushes the sand bed clean. User friendly, zero-maintenance pool filter.

Improving Sand Filter Effectiveness

Don’t Over-Backwash: more therefore than cartridge filters, having a low-level of soil build-up involving the grains of sands really helps to trap even more dust. Backwashing as a frequent upkeep task, in the place of waiting before the pressure gauge is 8-10 pounds higher, decrease overall filtration performance.

Replace your Filter Sand: If you have a really little sand filter, you may need to replace the filter sand every period. For accordingly sized sand filters, 5-7 years is approximately how long it requires to round-off the razor-sharp edges associated with sand grains, causing decreased dirt-trapping capability.

Change to Sand alternate: Pool filter sand is particularly graded.45-.55 mm in size, called #20 silica sand. Tech has had united states ZeoSand, made from all-natural zeolite particles, which not merely filters better, but traps ammonia and chloramines. FilterGlass is yet another option, created from recycled cup, and is the greatest filtration media you can make use of, filtering down to under 2 microns!

Pull Oils & Minerals: exactly like other filter kinds, human body oils or oil from trees or pollutants trigger filter problems, such as for instance coagulated clumps inside the filter tank. Difficult water places may cause calcification of this sand sleep, turning filter sand into a form of sand stone product. Filter Cleaner stops working calcium build up and removes essential oils from sand filters. Use yearly on sand filters to boost circulation rates and purification. For those who have constant issues with natural oils and nutrients within pool, control all of them with enzymes and sequestrants.

pool-filter-sand-typesUse Clarifier: Clarifiers come in a group of chemical substances known as coagulants. They've been attracted to any suspended particles in the share, and their particular benefit is the fact that they clump together dozens of very small particles into a larger, quicker filtered dimensions. Lower amounts of aluminum sulfate added to the skimmer, can be utilized as a filter help for sand filters, because forms a gelatinous layer-on the top of sand bed.


Many DE filters don’t need assistance to hold a share clear, but if they've been in the little side, or whenever wanting to clear very turbid and “thick” share water, they could have trouble. There are things to do to improve the cleaning ability of a DE share filter.

Increasing DE Filter Effectiveness

Don’t Overdose with DE: When you initially set up a really clean DE filter, add advised ‘charge’ of DE dust, that will be generally a-1 lb coffee can size information of DE powder for each and every 5 sq. ft. of filter area. After backwashing, slice the amount by 1/3-1/2.

Backwashing just removes 50-70% of DE dust inside container, the remaining is caught involving the grids. Adding a complete fee after each and every backwash will quickly build-up to lessen liquid flow and filter effectiveness.

Bump the Filter: The Hayward Perflex DE filter has actually a ‘bump handle’ on top which is used to hit from the cake of DE powder that coats the hands (grids), other forms of DE filters don’t have actually a bump handle, you could reproduce the action.

Bumping identifies a fast backwash, of just 10-15 seconds. Then go the device into the Filter place and run the pump for another 10-15 seconds. Continue doing this action 2-3 times to hit down and mix-up the DE cake. This results in faster circulation rates, and lower stress on the filter measure.

Slurry Coat: back many years ago, share proprietors with a DE filter could use a slurry feeder, which added small amounts of DE dust in to the filter continuously. These have actually fallen out from style, however some share proprietors incorporate thumping with slurry feeding. After thumping the filter, add 1/4 cup of DE powder on filter. If done once a week, you may possibly get months before requiring a complete backwash.

Remove & Clean: The grids or fingers of a DE filter should be eliminated and cleaned every period. An intensive cleansing with a garden hose will pull excess DE cake which have bridged between DE grids, which help eliminate accumulated wastes, oils and nutrients. Just like the various other pool filter kinds above, Filter Cleaner could be used to enhance DE purification. Especially helpful for stained or greasy DE grids, or perhaps in places with a high quantities of nutrients or metals.

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