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The PROTECTION of kiddies & pets plus satisfaction

Pools bring fun, leisure and beauty into our life, however with them come severe protection dilemmas and obligations.

In the event that you own a share, it is your responsibility to help keep kiddies and pets from falling to the water, 24-hours on a daily basis, day-after-day of the season – because a young child can drown in less time than it requires to answer the device. The data on drowning accidents involving young ones and young people are alarming, however these accidents are avoidable.

Prevention and satisfaction are just what the The Katchakid ® from Katchakid Inc. is focused on. With a 100 per cent safety record, its probably one of the most secure, proven safety systems currently available.

Over 350, 000 moms and dads, schools, communities and safety specialists global count on it.

Meticulously created, rigorously tested and mastered over four decades – far more than some of its rivals – the A.S.T.M traditional F1346-91 Compliant Katchakid incorporates every modern-day development in youngster share safety.

children's pool safety nets That’s the reason why Katchakid are at the forefront regarding the pool protection business.


The Katchakid® children's pool Safety Net is created specifically as a buffer to help protect young ones from exposed, open liquid. Like a sizable tennis racket, the UV and winter-safe web is extended on the share and anchored to flush mounted fasteners. We could protect private pools, spas, split porches and rockeries, as each Katchakid internet is custom-shaped and installed to accommodate the water function.

As soon as put in, the Katchakid is straightforward for share proprietors to remove and change.

pool netsthe reason why INSTALL A KATCHAKID POOL SAFETY NET?

  • No child has actually ever drowned in a pool safeguarded by a properly installed Katchakid.
  • Katchakid offers the best quality, many rigorously tested materials and system readily available. Our share nets are dependable and durable, in the most extreme circumstances.
  • Katchakid satisfies strict ASTM security codes.
  • Our installation specialists undergo a rigorous certification system to satisfy our standards. When they’re at work, they can expertly put in a Katchakid over any size or shape share or open part of water that needs security.
  • You can expect you receptive customer support, with skilled representatives and specialists throughout your local markets we serve. For those who have questions or your Katchakid calls for just about any modification, we’re there for you.


  • custom-shaped to suit any water feature
  • unique central tensioning system can be modified from tight to really tight
  • best quality, most rigorously tested materials and system offered
  • designed as a barrier to greatly help protect children from exposed, available water
  • easy to remove and replace with ez-off lightweight transportable storage roller
  • counter-sunk, durable high- thickness nylon or metal anchors
  • maximum Ultraviolet stabilized inhibitors resist fading, deterioration or shrinking
  • available in three-color options - Ocean Blue, Jet Black or Desert Sand
  • Nationally endorsed by ALA
Source: katchakid.com
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