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Pool pilot agIf you have ever visited AutoPilot’s internet site, you realize that individuals provide a number of children's pool sodium chlorine generators. So what type is best-suited for the pool? To answer this concern, we simply take an in-depth view your methods. After scanning this article, it will be easy to select an AutoPilot system with full confidence and understand it will perform well in your children's pool.

AutoPilot produced salt chlorine generator cells able to handle different liquid volumes at the domestic and commercial pool amount. They likewise have different energy supplies with the capacity of running these cells which are marketed to different spending plan amounts and chlorine cellular demands.

1. Pool Pilot AG

The Pool Pilot AG is specifically made to efficiently chlorinate above-ground pools. It needs little installation, and it is the best system we offer.

You can expect three different item options to our Pool Pilot AG consumers. One option is the Floater Cell. The floater needs no set up, since it is floats across the of one's children's pool. It utilizes a convection cell to continually chlorinate your children's pool, independent of the pump. We also provide Pool Pilot AG with an Inline Cell, which gets plumbed in to the blood circulation system and operates if the pump is turned on. Not only that, we offer the Pool Pilot AG with a Return Jet Cell, that will be plumbed in line, but works in addition to the pump. Considering that the Pool Pilot AG is made to keep a salt degree of 1, 000 ppm, it is a great system for above-ground private pools. In-ground swimming pools tend to be better served by the methods below.

Pool pilot electronic nanoThe following methods include our Patented Manifold, which contains the generator mobile and Tri-sensor Assembly. The manifold was created to enhance flow through the cell to improve chlorine generator efficiency.

The Tri-Sensor examinations for three things: Flow, Salt, and Water Temperature. The movement switch protection activates at reasonable as 15 gpm, ideal for operation with variable-speed pumps. The salt sensor shows stay, accurate salt levels and calculates the amount of salt needed to preserve 3000 ppm of salt. The Temperature Sensor reveals the water heat and instantly adjusts the production % setting centered on water heat changes (because we recognize that even more chlorine becomes necessary with it gets hotter, and less will become necessary with regards to gets colder, but never ever shuts down given that it’s too cold).
To help keep the cell clean from calcium scale build-up, each power-supply has actually an adjustable self-cleaning, reverse polarity purpose.

To greatly help preserve chlorine levels, each system additionally contain a lift and Super Boost feature, which overrides the standard result percent setting-to 100percent for a time period of 24 or 72 hours then comes back it to the conventional per cent setting, for all big garden functions or inclement weather conditions.

2. Pool Pilot Digital Nano

  • Made for residential swimming pools to 22k gallons utilizing the RC35/22 mobile.
  • Readable electronic display, with agreeable diagnostics mode.
  • Competitively priced

Pool pilot digital3. Pool Pilot Digital Nano+

Exact same features as Nano, designed for residential swimming pools around 28k gallons using the RC28 cellular.
Competitively listed for a slightly larger pool.

4. Pool Pilot Digital

  • Flagship unit able to handle domestic pools around 52k gallons using certainly one of three dimensions cells.
  • Exact same features as Nano.
  • Three Cell Power amounts to modify the maximum amount of chlorine production.
  • Internal time function effective at running share pump (pump relay system required for this function).

5. CoPilot

  • All the features regarding the Pool Pilot Nano or Digital, today coupled with a hybrid ozone manifold and controller, providing yet another oxidizer, prolonging living of this generator mobile.
  • Capable of handling domestic swimming pools up to 40, 000 gallons with all the Nano and 85, 000 with the Digital.

6. Pool Pilot Soft Touch

  • Exact same functions as Pool Pilot Digital but without time clock/pump function.
  • LED Light Display in the place of digital display screen offering a lower cost alternative without sacrificing overall performance.

7. Pool Pilot Complete Control Program

  • Exact same features whilst the Digital.
  • ORP and pH control utilising the Pool Chemistry Controller. Two detectors tests for active chlorine energy and pH amounts. Whenever chlorine becomes necessary, the cell is immediately activated until it hits the required environment. Similarly, when pH alterations are essential, an Acid container with a chemical feeding pump injects an acid option in managed doses, which extends the life span associated with the generator cell.

8. Digital/Soft Touch Combo

  • Digital and Soft Touch power supplies enable the control over 2 cells, created for larger residential or commercial pools in which 2 commercial cells can be needed. An extra Digital can be used as opposed to the smooth Touch for easier procedure and diagnostics control.
  • Cost effective system with increased production capacity.

9. Pool Pilot Pro

  • Same functions whilst the Digital, but without Pump alternative.
  • The biggest product, able to handle bigger, commercial swimming pools.
  • It can manage around six commercial cells, installed in series.
  • Separately operated and supervised cells and power segments enable the system to continue running, independent of the problem for the other cells/power segments.
  • Easy option for water areas, commercial pools of any dimensions, competitors pools, and large water tasks.


As you care able to see discover an AutoPilot designed for all size swimming pools or spas, we're going to, in future blog sites undergo each of them separately to assist you comprehend almost all their capabilities and functionality. For those who have any further questions regarding sizing an AutoPilot system for the specific share please click here to find out more or do not hesitate to e mail us directly mouse click

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