Clear Pool Fence

  • Minimum price: $300 per liner base
  • Optimum price: $550 per lining foot


Regarding having a frameless glass pool fence installed, there are a lot of various materials to take into account. The most crucial product is the cup itself. Depending on the appearance that a homeowner is going for, there are lots of various lengths of cup panels to choose from.

  • As a general rule, many glass panels range from 600 to 2, 000 millimeters in total.
  • Most technicians will likely not work with glass panels which are a lot more than 2, 000 millimeters in total as the glass is more expected to fold and break.
  • As a standard, frameless glass pool fencing is typically made making use of 12-millimeter-thick glass.
  • It is not unheard-of to see glass which 8 or 10 millimeters thick. The thicker the cup, the more powerful it really is, but it also costs even more.
  • The glass panels each have actually beveled edges to keep them from being razor-sharp.

Both various other materials which are familiar with produce a frameless cup fence will be the gates and accessories. The accessories put on concrete in the floor, while the glass panels firmly fit into them. The fixtures have to be powerful and resist deterioration because they is near liquid. Most frameless glass fences come with gates being 1, 200 millimeters high and 834 millimeters broad.

Pros and Cons

Just like any various other sort of fencing, frameless cup fencing has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here is a dysfunction of this strengths and weaknesses with this model of fencing:


  1. Frameless cup fencing will not impair a homeowner's view and it is much more great looking on eye.
  2. It works really with any design or theme already present across the share.
  3. Glass walls are incredibly durable and hold up easier to weather than lumber.
  4. Unlike material fences, glass walls tend to be resistant to substance corrosion. This might be great thinking about the cup will likely to be put through the chemical substances found in pools, such chlorine.
  5. Fences keep creatures and kids from running around the share or unintentionally falling in.


  1. Frameless cup fencing is incredibly high priced set alongside the cost of various other fencing choices.
  2. This particular fence is difficult to keep. As with any other huge piece of cup, it requires to be cleansed frequently. When it is maybe not clean, the dust is obviously visible from both sides regarding the fence.
  3. Frameless glass fencing provides no privacy. In the event that property owner does not have another fence up around their lawn, after that everybody else have a clear view associated with pool and its particular occupants.
  4. Animals have actually a difficult time seeing cup walls, generally there is a learning curve although the pet gets always needing to move the fence.

Aspects that Affect Expense

As with any various other variety of do-it-yourself project, there are lots of aspects that impact the cost of this project. Like, the thicker the cup is, the bigger the expense of materials will be.

Another consideration that affects the cost of this type of project is just how many gates the property owner would like to install. The gates need unique materials, so adding even more gates equals an increased cost.

The price of labor will be another huge component that affects the expense of installing a frameless glass fence. Technicians who are certified and insured are going to price above technicians who are not. A completely independent specialist may charge less than $50, but their tasks are maybe not insured.

In the event that glass fence is sold with a warranty, this too may change the amount the whole task will cost. Home owners should ensure the specialist's workmanship is guaranteed in full hence their particular quote includes all of the products needed.

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