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Here is a list of the chemicals you will need to treat your swimming pool. By buying the best quality chemicals from Isca Pool Care you will keep your pool and equipment in top condition for years.
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Swimming Pool Chemicals
Swimming Pool Chemicals

The ISCA Guide to Pool Maintenance

An inviting pool with clear blue water does not happen by accident. By carrying out a year-round pool maintenance programme, your time spent using the pool will be made all the more relaxing.

With the aid of this guide you will have all the information at your fingertips to help you get the most from your pool. If you've got any questions, please email us at enquiries@isca poolcare.co.uk

 1/ Disinfecting / Purification – This must be done to kill the micro-organisms and bacteria in your pool water. Chlorine and Bromine treatments are available. The nature of the water in your region will dictate which is the most appropriate.

  • Chlorine Granules    These are suitable for soft water areas, as they do not reduce alkalinity or pH balance. You mix the granules with warm water in a bowl or bucket and pour into the pool water.

  • Bromine Tablets       These do not smell of Chlorine. These also do not reduce alkalinity or the pH balance. They dissolve slowly and are used in a suitable dispenser.

  • Maxi Tabs and Mini Tabs     These are suitable for hard water areas. They reduce the pH level and alkalinity. They dissolve slowly and are used in a suitable dispenser.

 2/ Shock Treatments - These are chlorine based chemicals used periodically to break-up impurities that accumulate in the pool water. Shock the pool every two weeks in the season or if you get a large build up of algae, especially in outdoor pools.

  • Calcium Hypochlorite Granules. For use in most swimming pools. Mix granules in a bucket with warm water and pour into your pool every two weeks. This is best done at night time when you have finished using the pool.

3/ Water Balance – In order for your disinfecting and purification chemical to work correctly your water must be ‘balanced’. Balanced water will also help prevent deterioration of your pool equipment. The correct acidity level (pH balance) is important to maintain balance between 7.2 and 7.6. You add pH increaser if the pH is less than 7.2 (acid) or pH reducer if the pH is over 7.6 (alkaline).

  • pH Reducer - is required in hard water areas if chlorine granules are used.

  • pH Increaser - is available in the form of maxi or mini tablets.

  • Alkalinity Increaser - stabilises the pH of the pool. It is required in soft water areas. Add directly to the pool and agitate to dissolve.

  • Water hardener – is added directly to your pool to increase the calcium hardness level in area which have soft water. If the water is calcium deficient, damage will occur to the concrete and grouting.

4/ Algicides - used to stop the build up of algae in the water (turning it green) and on the pool sides. If the proper level of chlorine or bromine is not maintained, Algae will increase. Add Algicide when the pool is filled and then add a small amount each week. Large build ups of algae can be remedied by adjusting the pH level of the water to 7.2, and introducing a dose of Shock Treatment.

5/ Clarifiers - There is nothing better than having a pool with clear, sparkling water. Particles which are too small to be collected by the filter can cause the water to appear cloudy. The addition of a flocculant which coagulates the small particles, allows the now larger particles to be collected by the filter.

6/ Test Kits – It is very important to regularly test your pool water so you can keep on top of pH levels, and levels of Chlorine. The kits we sell allow you to monitor and therefore adjust the levels of chlorine and pH. This will not only make your pool safer and more enjoyable, but will make your pool last longer.

What swimming pool chemicals do I need?

As a guide the following types of water will require the following product to keep your pool clean and up to scratch:-

Soft water areas

  • pH Reducer
  • Chlorine granules
  • Alkalinity Increaser
  • Shock Treatment
  • Algicide
  • Clarifier
  • Testing Kit


Hard Water areas

  • pH Increaser
  • Chlorine Tablets
  • Shock Treatment
  • Algicide
  • Clarifier
  • Testing Kit

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